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Complete Remodeling

A complete remodel is going to be classified as a project that completely transforms the style, structure, and layout of a room. This is going to be more involved than a simple renovation or updating. A complete remodel usually involved stripping the room down to the studs and either adding or removing part of the structure to change the layout of the room.

Complete Remodeling

What Is A Complete Remodel?

Complete remodels can happen in smaller projects such as one bathroom or as part of larger projects such as a complete home overhaul. Remodels are often used for homes where rooms need to be expanded or additions need to be made such as adding a closet or removing walls.

What Type Of Items Are Upgraded In Each Room?

When it comes to homes, just about any room can be completely remodeled. The only limit is your imagination. To give you a better idea of what items are usually upgraded in a complete remodel, we have listed out some of the most popular upgrades in each room.

Kitchen - A complete kitchen remodel usually involves replacing all of the cabinets, upgrading the appliances, and possibly moving some plumbing around if you need to move your sink. Many people choose to open up their kitchen for an open concept look, so walls may need to be removed during this process.

Living Room - When it comes to a complete living room remodel, most are going to opt for knocking down walls and opening up the space. New flooring is usually added and recessed lighting can help free up some ceiling space for a nice, modern look. This is also a good time to add in some floor-mounted outlets for electrical recliners and higher outlets for wall-mounted TVs.

Dining Room -Dining room remodels are going to be similar to living room remodels as they commonly require walls to be taken out for open concept designs. When completely remodeling a dining room, you can look at adding recessed lighting, new windows, and even built in shelving for a traditional look.

Bathroom - A complete bathroom remodel will usually involve replacing a tub or shower, adding new flooring, installing new countertops or a vanity, and installing new lighting.

Bedrooms - Bedrooms usually do not go through quite as an extensive complete remodel due to their simple design. However, many people choose to expand rooms by removing walls, adding recessed lighting, and installing new flooring, windows, and higher outlets.

Complete Remodeling Services In Waco, TX

If you are wanting to completely remodel your home or just one room, trust the team at Fajardo Design & Construction to get the job done. As one of the top complete remodeling services in Waco, TX, Fajardo Design & Construction can ensure that your remodeling project is completed to your utmost satisfaction. With a highly-trained team that is insured and experienced, you can trust that your remodel is in great hands. To get a free quote on your next complete remodel project, fill out our free quote form below.

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