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Home Additions

Whether you are outgrowing your home or simply want another space to expand your home, a home addition is a great way to add onto your existing home. A home addition can include anything from a simple patio to an entire extra room added to your home. Home additions can be big or small and can have a wide range of prices depending on the complexity.

Home Additions

What Is A Home Addition?

Adding a patio to your home is one of the most popular home additions across the United States. A patio can be used to entertain, store outdoor items, and increase the value of your home. More extensive home additions such as garages, extra bedrooms, or adding onto a master bedroom are going to be more involved and cost more money.

How To Choose A General Contractor For Home Additions

Since a home addition is going to require extensive work from getting a permit, drawing up blueprints, and hiring a host of subcontractors, it is best to find a general contractor who can take on the project. A general contractor will plan and hire the best people for the job and ensure that your project gets completed just as you had expected.

  • Is the contractor responsive? - Give your contractor or the company a call. See how they respond and how long it takes them to respond. This usually gives you a pretty good indication of how responsive they will be throughout your project.

  • Do they offer a free estimate? - If a company advertises free estimates, it is a good sign that they believe in their work and are confident that they are offering some of the best prices around. This also gives you a chance to shop around and compare contractors.

  • Do they have a good reputation? - Take a few minutes to look up the company or contractor online. Online reviews are going to give you an insight into how well they have treated past customers. Look for sites like Yelp, BBB, and Google for user generated reviews for the most truthful feedback.

  • Do they have the proper paperwork? - When hiring a company or contractor, you are going to want someone who is insured and has the proper permits.

  • How long have they been remodeling? - With a project as big as a home addition, you are going to want to make sure you are hiring the best person for the job. Look for a company or contractor who has been remodeling for years to get the most experienced person for the job.

Home Addition Services In Waco, TX

If you are wanting to add on to your home in Waco, TX, trust Fajardo Design & Construction to get the job done. Our team of experts have years of experience with home additions and can ensure that your home addition is completed to your highest expectations. Our team is trained and insured to give you the highest-quality work possible. To get a free, no-obligation home addition quote, fill out our online quote form. Our team is eager to help you start planning your newest home addition.

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