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3 Winter Upgrades For Your Bathroom

A hot shower or bath is one of the most relaxing things to come home to after a long day at work. In the winter, this little slice of heaven provides a nice, warm place to relax and unwind. When stepping out of your shower, you are usually met with a sudden burst of cold air due to the difference in temperature created by the hot shower. This only gets worse in the winter where flooring, towels, and fixtures remain colder than the summer months.

By making a few tweaks and upgrades to your bathroom, you can enjoy a warmer, more relaxing experience in the winter months.There are a few ideas on this list that you can easily do yourself, but for more involved renovations, it is best to trust a well known Waco, TX bathroom remodeler such as Fajardo Contracting to get the job done correctly. As one of the leading Waco,TX bathroom contractors, Fajardo Contracting offers award winning services and great advice such as the following winter bathroom ideas.

Heated Towel Storage

When showering or bathing in the winter months, the comfort of warm water is something many do not want to give up. Especially when you have to step out and wrap yourself in a towel to try to keep warm. By getting yourself a heated towel rack or storage compartment, you can stay warm and comfortable while you continue to get ready.

Bathroom Rated Rugs

If you are not in the remodeling stage or you simply want to make a quick fix for your cold floors, adding a bathroom rated rug can make a bigger difference than you may think. When shopping for a rug for your bathroom, you will want to ensure that it has a non-slip underside and is made to either resist or absorb some water without being damaged. Stepping onto a nice rug will beat stepping into a cold tile floor anytime of the year, plus it adds a decorative new look.

Warm Lighting

Lastly, one of the cheapest heating solutions for your bathroom is simply using warm lighting. While many people often choose daylight, LED lighting to allow for a better look when doing makeup or shaving, switching to warm incandescent lights can help to give off some heat at a very low cost.

Premium Waco, TX Bathroom Remodel Services

With a team dedicated to providing the best quality work and customer service in the industry, Fajardo Contracting is your #1 source for bathroom remodeling in Waco, TX. With a wide variety of great reviews, you can see first hand how their previous customers feel about their services. To see what makes Fajardo Contracting an industry leader and to get a free quote on your next remodel service, fill out the online quote form.


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