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5 Reasons To Build A Custom Home In Waco, Texas

When purchasing a new home, you will have a few different options to choose from. You can purchase a used home, a new construction home, or a custom home built. While these are all great options for specific buyers, none will give you as many benefits as having a custom home built. At Fajardo Design & Contracting, a leading Waco, Texas home builder, we have put together 5 reasons you should buy a custom home.

5 Reasons To Build A Custom Home In Waco, Texas

You Get Exactly What You Want

Building a custom home means never settling for something you didn’t want. When purchasing a used home or a pre-built new construction, you will not get to pick out the features you want. This can lead to more time and money spent on remodels later down the road.


Warranties can be a lifesaver when something goes wrong in your home. A custom home will have all the necessary warranties to keep your home (and wallet) safe for years to come. Many pre-built new construction homes will come with comparable warranties, but used homes will usually not have the same type of coverage.

Lower Energy Costs

The world of energy efficiency is changing by the day. Homes built decades ago are not nearly as efficient as homes built today. Building a custom home will allow you to use more energy-efficient materials to help save on overall energy costs.

Latest Technology

A custom-built home allows you to build the home however you want. This means you can add all of the latest technology while the home is being built. This can include high-mounted outlets, smart technology, and even heated floors.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Lastly, you will have lower maintenance costs compared to used or pre-built homes due to the high quality of a custom home. With older, used homes, the maintenance costs can be sky-high, depending on how the house was maintained. The maintenance cost will be considerably less for new construction homes built quickly by manufacturing companies. Still, many companies are known to cut corners to reduce time, so you may have a few things to fix over time.


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