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Home Additions In Waco, Texas

Are you considering expanding your living space in Waco, Texas? Home additions can provide an excellent solution for homeowners who want to add square footage and increase the value of their property. Fajardo Design & Construction, a leading construction company in Waco, Texas, can help you create the home addition of your dreams.

Fajardo Design & Construction - Home Additions In Waco, Texas

Why Add an Addition to Your Waco Home?

There are many reasons why homeowners consider adding a home addition, including:

Growing families: If your family is expanding, you may need more space to accommodate everyone.

Home office space: With remote work becoming more common, a dedicated home office space can be a huge asset.

Additional income: You can add a rental suite or extra bedroom to your home to generate extra income.

Home value: Adding a home addition can increase the value of your property, making it a good investment.

Types of Home Additions

Fajardo Design & Construction has experience with a variety of home additions, including:

Room additions: A popular addition includes adding a new bedroom, family room, or living space.

Detached additions: You can add a standalone office or guesthouse in your backyard with a detached addition.

Benefits of Working with Fajardo Design & Construction

When you choose Fajardo Design & Construction, you'll have access to a team of experienced professionals who can help you design and build your dream home addition. We can help you navigate the process, secure necessary permits, and create a space that meets your unique needs and style.

Find Your Perfect Home Addition in Waco, Texas

If you're ready to expand your living space, Fajardo Design & Construction is the right choice for your home addition project. Contact us today for a consultation and start building the home of your dreams.


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