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Should I Remodel Or Custom Build A New Home In Waco?

With the housing market booming in Waco, Texas, many people are flocking to this Central Texas town to enjoy the small-town atmosphere with quick access to many major cities.

When moving to Waco, many will choose between buying an older house and remodeling or building a custom home. Today, we here at Fajardo Design & Construction will break down the pros and cons of each to help you decide which route to take.

Remodeling Pros & Cons


  • Cheaper Upfront Cost With Buying A More Affordable, Older Home That Needs Work

  • More Options On Customizing Your Entire House To Your Specifications

  • Lower Mortgage Payments To Allow You To Invest More In Your Remodel


  • Older Homes Might Have Hidden Costs That Are Found When Remodeling

  • Will Not Get The Same Warranties As A New Home

  • Can Be Very Time Consuming

  • Living In A Work In Progress Might Be Stressful For Some

Custom Home Build Pros & Cons


  • Completely New Build With Warranties To Reduce Maintenance

  • Everything Is Brand New

  • You Can Choose Many Of The Options For Your Builder To Use

  • Very Easy Process

  • Your House Will Be Move-In Ready


  • Higher Upfront Cost & Mortgage Payment

  • Not Ideal For Those Wanting Older Style Homes/Architect

Remodeling & Custom Home Building In Waco, Texas

If you are ready to build a custom home or remodel a home in Waco, trust Fajardo Design & Construction to get the job done. As a locally-owned and operated general contracting company in Waco, Texas, we understand the importance of high-quality work and the design styles of this town. Fill out our free quote form today to get started on your new home!


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